Report Definition Editor

Use the report definition editor to design application reports.

In the report definition editor, drag fields to the Columns and Sort Order blocks, and drag fields and operators to the Search Filter block to create the format and logic of the application report. Additional options are available when you right-click in the report definition editor and right-click its fields and operators. For example, in the Columns block, you can right-click a column and select Move Down. This moves the column to the immediate right.

If you selected the Always perform a primary sort by project check box on the Options tab in the report definition Property Editor, Project (hierarchy) is the first sort criteria in the Sort Order block. This is relevant if you include multiple projects in the report search filter.

The Associated Attachments column in the Columns block is used to display any attachments that are present (for example, items, notes, URLs, and files). The Search Filter Summary block contains a read-only query string that represents the search filter as you build it.

The name of the report definition is displayed on the tab in the report definition editor. The name of the table the report is associated with is displayed in parentheses after the report definition name.

Report Palette

The Report Palette includes the following types of controls:

Report Definition Property Editor

Use the following tabs in the report definition Property Editor to view and modify report options.

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