Publishing a Process App


Publish privilege (set in SBM Application Repository)

You publish a process app to make it available in Application Repository for deployment to the SBM Server.

Process apps are automatically published as part of a deployment process, but you may want to publish a process app so that is available to others designers before it is deployed. You can also use publish if you do not have privileges to deploy, but do have privileges to publish.

Once a process app is published, certain design elements are locked. To learn about unlocking these elements, refer to Modifying Locked Elements in a Published Process App.

When you publish a process app, SBM Composer checks in the design elements you select and then checks them out again. The version number of the process app is incremented accordingly.

If you do not perform the Get Latest command frequently to get the most recent versions of the design elements in the process app you are working with, your Local Cache could be out-of-date. For example, suppose Jane changed the owner of a state in a workflow and checked in the workflow, making it version 1.2. When you last performed the Get Latest command, the version was 1.1. To prevent obsolete design elements from being published, SBM Composer will by default warn you and give you the opportunity to get the latest versions before you publish. On the Repository Options tab of the Composer Options dialog box, you can instead choose to always get the latest versions or always ignore them, without being prompted.

To publish a process app:

  1. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click Publish. The Publish Process App dialog box opens.
  2. Complete the Publish Process App dialog box.

    See Publish Process App Dialog Box for details.

A message box and the Activity Log indicate the success or failure of publishing the process app.

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