Publish Process App Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to publish the process app so it can be deployed. If the process app was not validated or checked in, those tasks are performed first.

Element Description
Label In the Version name field, type the label or version name for the process app.
Visibility If you do not want others to deploy this version of the process app, clear this check box.
Optional Comment Type an explanation of or comment about the deployment, if needed.
Tip: If other designers have checked in design elements in your process app, by default you will be prompted whether you want to get the latest versions of them from the repository before you publish. You can specify whether the latest versions are always used or ignored without being prompted on the Repository Options tab of the Composer Options dialog box.
Tip: Applications and tables within the repository must be uniquely named. If the publication fails because an application or table in the repository already has the same name as one of the applications or tables you are checking in, rename the local design elements, and try again. See Check In Design Elements Dialog Box for related information.

If the process app was published, a different Publish Process App dialog box opens when you right-click the process app name in App Explorer and select Change Published Scope.

Element Description
Name Displays the name of the process app.
Comment Type text that will appear in the publication history for the process app.
Scope Public: Anyone with the appropriate privileges can deploy the process app.

Private: Only you can deploy the process app (typically used for process apps under development).

Baseline Label Type a baseline label. This label is displayed in Application Repository.
Note: You cannot change this field when you are changing the scope of publication.

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