Exporting Messages From the Common Log Viewer

You can export and save the current Common Log messages to an XML document for later reference or for use by support personnel. All messages are saved, that is, any filters that you specified in the Common Log Viewer are not applied.

To export the messages for all of the application workflows and orchestration workflows:

  1. In the Common Log Viewer, click the Overview tab.
  2. Click Export.

    The Export log messages dialog box opens with a default file name of DebugLogSnapshot. You can change the name.

  3. Using the Saved in menu, navigate to the location where you want to save the file, and then click Save.

    The file is saved in XML format along with a cascading style sheet (.css) and an XSL style sheet (.xsl) file. You can view the file in a Web browser or in any XML editor.

To export the messages for a particular application workflow or orchestration workflow:

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