Using Debug Logging

To use the Common Log Viewer for debugging process apps, you must turn the Debug Logging feature on. You can only do this after you deployed the process app.

Note: If you do not turn on Debug Logging, only error messages are displayed in the Common Log Viewer. If you turn off Debug Logging, the only new messages that are displayed are error messages.

To turn Debug Logging on:

  1. In the Common Log Viewer, select the Overview tab.

    A list of all the applications and orchestrations and the workflows contained in them is displayed.

  2. Turn on Debug Logging for the applications and orchestrations in the process app as follows:

    1. Right-click the name of an application or orchestration.
    2. Select Debug Logging.

    [Debug Logging ON] appears to the right of the name of each application and orchestration. When Debug Logging is on, the option on the menu is checked.

    Important: You should turn on Debug Logging only while you are developing and testing a process app. Running a process app with Debug Logging turned on causes the process app to run more slowly, so be sure to turn this feature off in the production environment when it is ready to be used by users.

To turn Debug Logging off:

  1. Right-click the name of an application or orchestration for which Debug Logging is turned on.
  2. Select Debug Logging.

    When Debug Logging is off, the option on the menu is not checked.

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