Generating Common Log Messages

To generate messages for the Common Log Viewer:

  1. Create and deploy a process app, and then run it.
  2. In SBM Composer, in the Common Log Viewer, click Refresh to display any new messages.

    If there are messages for any workflows in the process app, numbers other than 0 (zero) appear in brackets to the right of the name. The number of error messages appears in the first position, the number of warning messages in the second, the number of info messages in the third, and the number of debug messages appears in the fourth position.

    For example, AnOrchestrationWorkflow [1/1/0/15] indicates that this orchestration workflow has 1 error message, 1 warning message, 0 info messages, and 15 debug messages. (This example assumes that you selected User and Technical Messages in the Message Filter dialog box. (See Filtering Common Log Messages.)

    The messages are displayed on the Details tab.

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