Promoting a Process App

The following section explains how to promote process apps in an on-premise installation (SBM is installed on your company's servers).

Promoting in an On-premise Environment

Promoting in an On-premise Environment


To promote a process app, you must have the following privileges:

  • Deploy Process Apps to This Host on the destination server (set in SBM Application Administrator).
  • Promote to This Host on the destination server (set in SBM Application Administrator).
  • Export Process Apps from This Host on the source server (set in SBM Application Administrator).

Promote a process app when you want to replicate a process app from one environment to another. This transfers the process app design, originally created in SBM Composer, and optionally configuration data set up by an administrator, such as projects, users, and groups.

Note the following important information:

  • You cannot promote a process app unless the process app exists in (has been deployed to) the source environment first.
  • You must also verify or add any endpoints and target servers used in the process app in the destination environment.
  • You can use a promotion profile to promote a process app using saved settings. For more information, see Working with Promotion Profiles.
  • The Global Process App (and any process app containing the Global Application) typically should be promoted only to environments in the same environment set from which it was originally loaded. For more information, see About the Global Process App and Global Application.

To promote a process app:

  1. On the Process Apps tab, select the process app you want to promote.
  2. In the Actions column, click the Promote icon.
  3. On the Source page, select the environment from you which you want to promote.
  4. On the Destination page, select the environment to which you want to promote.
  5. On the Entities page, select one or more applications that you want to promote. Use the following options to manage configuration data and entities:
    • Include entity data

      Select this check box to include data such as projects, notifications, and reports and more as part of the promotion. You can manage selections for application-specific entities in the tabs that appear on the Entities page. For more information about configuration entities and their promotion options, see About Configuration Entities.

    • Merge conflicts

      Select or clear this check box to manage conflicts between entities. If you are promoting process apps included with a solution, such as Service Support Manager, select the Merge conflicts check box to ensure that specific entities, such as roles and roles assignments, are preserved if they exist in the target environment but not in the process app you are promoting. If the Merge conflicts check box is cleared, some entities are deleted from the target environment when the process app is promoted. For more information, see Merging Conflicts.

  6. If there are application or orchestration endpoints that need mapping, on the Mappings page, perform the following steps:
    1. Select an endpoint that does not have a destination.
    2. Click the Edit icon.
    3. From the list, select a destination endpoint or click Create a new endpoint, and then provide connection information for the new endpoint.
    4. Repeat these steps for each endpoint as necessary.
  7. The Summary page displays the settings that you have designated for the promotion.
    • In the Summary section, click the Source, Destination, Entities or Mappings values to change the settings before you promote the process app.

    • In the Settings section, change the following settings, if necessary:
      • Verify endpoints

        Before starting the promotion, confirm that each endpoint URI can be accessed.

      • Stop promote

        End the promotion if an error occurs or if there is a warning.

        Important: When you promote the Global Process App or any process app containing the Global Application, set the Stop Promotion option to on any warning. If you inadvertently promote the wrong Global Process App or Global Application, the promotion will stop and give you an opportunity to confirm whether you are promoting the process app snapshot to the correct environment.
      • Send e-mail notification

        Send e-mail to the addresses that you specify with the status of the promotion under the conditions you choose.

      • Schedule for

        Enter a date and time to schedule the promotion (in the local time zone specified by the SBM Application Engine user profile).

      • Save profile as

        Enter a name if you want to save the promotion details as a new promotion profile.

  8. When you are satisfied with all of your choices for the promotion, click Promote. The summary dialog box appears. Click View Activity to see the status of the promotion.