Customizing Global Templates and Files

Customizable HTML templates and files are stored in the SBM database and on the file system of the SBM Application Engine Web Server machine. Templates and files must be stored in both locations to function properly. Templates and files must be pulled from the database before they are customized, and after changes are made to them, the templates and files must be placed in the database. For best results, templates and files should be pulled from the database to your local machine before they are customized. This ensures that you are working with the most current files.

Important: For upgrade considerations, refer to Upgrading Custom Templates.

For details on customizing report templates, refer to Customizing Report Templates. For details on customizing SBM User Workspace help files, refer to Customizing the SBM User Workspace Online Help Files.

To customize templates and files:

  1. Select File from the menu bar, and then select Get Files From Database. All HTML templates and style sheets, e-mail templates, online help files, images, and JavaScript functions are pulled from the database and replace ALL files from the database that may be stored on the local machine.
  2. Access the templates and files you want to customize from the file system and update them using an appropriate editor.
  3. Save and close the customized files.
  4. From SBM System Administrator, select File, and then select Put Files in Database. ALL templates and images in the database are replaced by files on your local machine.
  5. Stop and start your Web server for changes made to the files to take effect.