Setting up the Self-Registration Form

Users can self-register by accessing a form in the SBM User Workspace. The provided form has a basic design which you can customize as needed. You can also use the Self-Registration Form Settings dialog box to specify which fields from the Contacts table are available. Fields that are required for the Contacts table are also required for the Self-Registration form. After setting the Self-Registration options, you can view the result by accessing http://serverName/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?SelfRegPage.

The following types of fields can be placed on the Self-Registration form:

To set up the Self-Registration form:

  1. Select the External User tab located on the Settings dialog box.
  2. Select the Enable Self-Registration by External Users check box.
  3. Click Registration Form Settings to open the Self-Registration Form Settings dialog box.
  4. Modify the fields that will appear on the Self-Registration form by selecting a field and then clicking the Arrow buttons to move fields from one column to another. The columns are organized in the following manner:
    • Unused Fields – This list contains the fields that are not included on the Customer Registration form.

    • Used Fields – This list displays the fields that are included on the Customer Registration form.

    • Required – This column specifies which fields are required in the Contacts table or are set as required for this form.
      Note: The list of available fields are filtered to include those that are applicable to self-registration.
  5. To set a field as required, select the appropriate field in the Used Fields list, and then click Field Properties. The Field Properties: X dialog box opens.
  6. Select the Required on Self-Registration Form check box.
  7. Click OK to apply the setting and close the Field Properties: X dialog box and return to the Self-Registration Form Settings dialog box.
    You must set the E-mail field as required in either the Contacts table or the Self-Registration Form Settings dialog box to enable the e-mail confirmation feature discussed in Setting External User Creation Options.
  8. From the Form Validation Script drop-down list, select a script to enable for Self-Registration form validation. For details related to SBM AppScript, refer to the SBM AppScript Reference.
  9. Click OK to save your settings and return to the External User tab.