Setting LDAP Options

The Options tab allows you to specify logging options for LDAP import and update actions.

To set LDAP logging options:

  1. From the Options menu, select LDAP Setup & Tools. The LDAP Setup & Tools dialog box opens to the General tab; select the Options tab.
  2. In the Logfile box, provide a file name and directory where you want the LDAP log file to reside. By default, the log file is stored in the /log folder of your SBM Application Engine installation directory. Click Browse to navigate to a different directory.
  3. In the Log File Size box, set the maximum file size of the log file. Once the log file reaches the size specified in this box, ALL of the data in the file is deleted and new data is added. The default setting is 20 MB.
  4. From the Reporting Level drop-down list, select one of the following options:
    • None – Select this option to disable logging.

    • Minimal – Select this option to log minimal information about LDAP imports and updates, such as the number of users imported and updated.

    • Detailed – Select this option to log detailed information about LDAP imports and exports, including field mapping assignments.

    • Verbose – Select this option to log detailed trace information about LDAP imports and exports, such as the login IDs of the accounts imported or updated. If you are experiencing trouble with this feature, set the logging to Verbose to assist you or Technical Support staff in diagnosing problems.

  5. Click OK to save your settings and exit the dialog box. Click Apply to save your settings and continue working in the LDAP Setup & Tools dialog box.

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