Using the PDF Widget

Use the PDF widget to provide a PDF document with application data. You can embed the PDF document in a custom form or open it in a new browser window.

The widget includes standard PDF document features, such as printing and saving to file. This means users can have a printed version of application data, and can e-mail a saved version of the PDF document containing the application data to others.

The document presented to users is based on a template added to the PDF widget on your form. You can map fields in your application to fields in the template, or you can provide static values. For guidelines, refer to Field Mapping Rules.

The following guidelines apply to the PDF widget:

For a sample template, refer to S137510 in the Knowledgebase at

Field Mapping Rules

All SBM field types can be used in the PDF widget, except for Summation and Secondary Owner.

All special fields are supported. These fields are available from the string builder tool. (For more information, see Using the String Builder Tool.) Special fields include the following:
  • _height
  • _width
  • _ProjectID
  • _RecordID
  • _TableID
The following PDF field types are supported:
  • Check Box
  • Drop-down List/Combo Box
  • List Box
  • Radio Button
  • Text
SBM fields can be mapped to any PDF field type, but the values must match exactly. For example:
  • If you are mapping a SBM Single Selection field to a PDF List Box field type, you must create the field with the same values in each application. For example, if you add Defect, Enhancement, and Internal Task as values for a Single Selection field called "Request Type" in SBM Composer, you must enter the same values as list items in the List Box field in the PDF form.
  • Similarly, if you are mapping a SBM Single Selection field to a PDF Radio Box field type, the values must match. If you add Vacation, Sick, and Jury Duty as values for a Single-Selection field called "Time-Off Type" in SBM Composer, you must enter the same values as item names in the PDF form.
Note: An exception to this rule is when you map a SBM Binary field to a Check Box PDF field type that is used to toggle between two settings. In this situation, the mapping is handled internally, and the values do not have to match. There is no adverse effect if the PDF form requires values of "On" and "Off", and the SBM Binary field requires "Yes" and "No."

Error Messages

The following error messages could be generated during the configuration of the PDF widget.
  • PDF Template does not contain field with name.
  • PDF Template contains field of unknown type.
  • Invalid values.
  • No field mapping found in the PDF Template.
  • Unable to read fields from PDF Template.

To correct these problems, modify or replace the PDF document being used as the template.