Using Form Widgets

Form widgets are small applications that provide a unique function when placed on custom forms. For example, the Embedded Report widget adds a report to a form so users can view and interact with data from other items as they work with the form.

In the form editor, the palette contains widget types. Drag widgets onto the form, then use the tabs in the Property Editor to view and modify the various aspects of the selected widget.

Use the controls on the Design tab of the Ribbon to set the alignment and size of the selected widget. The Alignment options (left, right, top, bottom, center, fill) determine which handles are available for "stretching" the selected widget to the desired size. The Size options provide precise control.

For information on using the most common widgets, refer to:

Additional Widgets

Widget Description
Flash Lets users view Flash movies and applications (.swf files). Refer to Flash Widget.
Google Gadget Provides easy access to useful tools and information, such as a Google calendar viewer. Refer to Google Gadget Widget.
HTMLJavascript Lets you embed almost any valid HTML or JavaScript into a custom form. Refer to HTMLJavaScript Widget.
SilverLight Lets you embed Silverlight applications in your application. Refer to Silverlight Widget.
Web Page Lets users view the content of an HTML page. Refer to Web Page Widget.
WidgetBox Lets you select widgets from a repository and include them on your form. For example, you can embed widgets into your social networking profile, and embed chat rooms in your Web page. Refer to WidgetBox Widget.

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