Common Log Viewer Options

The following options are available on the Common Log Viewer tab of the Composer Options dialog box.
Element Description
Delete local copies... after N days When you select the Details tab of the log viewer (or click the Download messages button on that tab), SBM Composer copies log messages for the workflow you are viewing (or for the entire process app) to your computer, so you can still see them when you work offline. To keep your computer from filling up with these copied messages, SBM Composer automatically deletes any local copies that have been stored for longer than what you specify here.
Clear local message cache now Deletes the local copies of all the log messages currently stored on your computer. Message caching resumes immediately.
Maximum message count displayed in viewer The maximum number of messages to be displayed on the Details tab of the Common Log Viewer. Valid values are 200 to 20000, inclusive.
Message retrieval batch size Messages are retrieved from the server in batches of the size you specify until all messages are retrieved. Valid values are 10 to 500, inclusive.
Maximum message length The maximum size of a message. If the message is larger than this, it is truncated and [TRUNCATED] is appended to it. The default length is 16,384 (16 KB of data). The maximum length is 1,048,576 (1 MB of data).
Defaults Restores the message count to 1000, the batch size to 50, and the message length to 16384.
Increasing the message count, batch size, and message length could lower the performance of the Common Log Viewer.

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