Local Cache and Repository Options

The following options are available on the Repository tab of the Composer Options dialog box.
Element Description
Behavior Set preferences for warnings about common actions:
  • Warn when deleting checked out design elements
  • Warn when closing a process app with new design elements
  • Warn when closing a process app with checked out design elements
  • Don't show Check Out dialog box for automatic check-out

Specify what should happen if when you publish, the repository has newer versions of design elements than those in your Local Cache. This happens when other designers have checked in design elements since the last time you performed the Get Latest command.

  • Automatically get latest publishes the latest version of all design elements from the repository and overwrites the versions in your Local Cache.
  • Ignore newer versions publishes the older versions of the design elements that are in your Local Cache.
  • Prompt warns you each time you publish if newer versions are in the repository and gives you the option to publish with the latest versions or ignore them.
Local Cache Path Specify a different location for the Local Cache, or reset it to the default location.

You could specify a different location if, for example, the drive containing the default location (typically the C: drive) is low on storage space.

Tip: You cannot change the location of the Local Cache while a process app is open.
Repository Connection Settings

Specify whether you want to work online or offline.

If you select Work Online, enter the computer name and port for the SBM Server, and the user name and password required to access it. The default installation port is 8085.

By default, a deployment from SBM Composer times out if it takes more than two minutes. If you want to change the number of minutes, type or select a number from the Timeout (in minutes) combo box. The maximum number of minutes is 99.
Note: Your current connection information is displayed at the bottom right corner of the SBM Composer window.
Tip: You cannot connect to a different repository while a process app is open.
Use Secure Connection Specify whether a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to the repository should be used.
Important: The Client certificate drop-down list appears if SBM Composer is required to use client certificate authentication with SBM Application Repository. Select the client certificate that your administrator has prepared for you.
Use Internal URL Select this check box if SBM Composer is on the same side of the firewall as SBM Application Repository.
Test Connection Confirm that the repository can be reached with the information you provided.

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