Details Tab of the Common Log Viewer

The Details tab displays messages for the workflow that is selected in the Overview tab. Use the elements that appear on this tab to filter messages by run, by logging level, and by selected design element. The three buttons that appear on the right side of the Common Log Viewer are also described here.

Clicking the vertical divider to the right of the list of messages shows or hides a preview of the selected message. To change the format of the message, right-click in the preview window and select the desired options. For details about the options, see Message Detail Dialog Box.

Note: SBM Composer remembers the settings on this tab after you close the process app.
Element Description
Date Displays the date and time that the message was logged.
Run ID (column) Displays the run number for the workflow.
Associated element Displays the design element that is associated with the message.
Text Displays the text of the message.
Run (list) Displays the starting time, duration, and run number for each run.
Show Displays messages for the selected logging levels.
Autoselect latest run Automatically selects the latest run in the Run list.
Restrict by selection Displays only messages for the design element that is selected in the workflow editor. If no design element is selected, then messages for the entire workflow are displayed.
Set filter Opens the Message Filter dialog box, which filters messages by environment, timeframe, and type. The messages are displayed on the Details tab of the Common Log Viewer.
Refresh Updates the Common Log Viewer with messages logged since the last time you ran the process app based on the filters that you set in the Message Filter dialog box and on the Details tab. This button is not available until you deploy the process app.
Export Displays the Export log messages dialog box, which lets you save the messages to an XML file.

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