Flash Widget

This topic describes how to configure the Flash widget.

General Tab

The following table describes the fields on the General tab of the widget Property Editor.

Field Description
Control name Type the name by which the widget is uniquely identified. No other widget or control on this form can have the same name.
Caption Type the text to appear in the title bar above the widget.

If you leave this field blank, the widget will not have a title bar.


Type or paste valid Flash code (typically an <embed...> or <object ...> tag) in this field. When the form is displayed to users, the code is rendered by the Web browser.

You can make the widget more dynamic by using the string builder tool to replace content and parameters in the Flash code.

Important: If the code you type in this field includes any opening or closing braces ("{" or "}"), precede each of them with a backslash ("\"). Otherwise, SBM Composer tries to interpret the text inside of the braces as the name of a field or control on the form. (If you paste code with braces, you are prompted whether you want a backslash to be added. If you use the Treat '{' as a literal option in the string builder tool, a backslash is automatically added.)
Note: This widget is not sized automatically. To make the size match the Width and Height fields in the Ribbon, you must add {_width} or {_height} elements to the Content field.
Options Border: Select this check box to draw a thin line around the widget.

Scroll bars: Select this check box to include scroll bars in the widget. This provides more content than the allotted space.

Description Type an optional description of the widget.

Refresh Tab

See Widget Refresh Tab.