About User Management

There are four key elements for managing users in SBM:

To effectively manage user accounts, follow these basic steps.

  1. In SBM Composer, create roles for your applications to organize sets of privileges, and then:
    1. Assign appropriate application-related privileges to each role.
    2. Assign roles as values for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields in tables located in the Data Design area.
    3. Assign primary and secondary owners to states in your workflows.
    4. Deploy your process app to make the roles available in Application Administrator.

    For details on these steps, refer to the SBM Composer Guide.

  2. In Application Administrator, create groups to organize sets of users, and then:
    1. Assign an appropriate product-access level to each group. This impacts which users can be members of the group, as well as which privileges apply to the group. For details, refer to Product-Access Types.
    2. Assign roles to each group.
    3. Assign any non-application-related privileges to the group, such as the ability to modify user profile settings, and for administrators, the ability to perform configuration and administration tasks.
    4. Set an initial set of preferences and settings to members of the group.
    5. Subscribe the group to notifications.

    For details on these steps, refer to Working With Groups.

  3. Use one of the methods described in About User Accounts to establish user accounts for your system. If you choose to manually create user accounts, edit multiple user accounts in Application Administrator, and then:
    1. Assign a product-access level based on the groups to which you will assign the users.
    2. Assign users to applicable groups. They will inherit their role assignments, notification subscriptions, and additional privileges from these groups.
    3. Modify password settings for the users, if applicable.
  4. Optionally, set default values for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields in workflows or projects in Application Administrator. Possible values are determined by the roles assigned to the field in SBM Composer, and the users and groups assigned to the roles in Application Administrator.