Product-Access Types

Product-access types determine the set of privileges available for user and group accounts. You must assign product access to all user and group accounts before you can assign privileges to those accounts.

If you associate a user or group with a role, and the role contains privileges that conflict with the user or group level of product access, those privileges are not granted to the user or group. For example, if you associate a user who has External User product access with a role that has privileges to transition all items, that user will not be able to transition items because External User access does not grant that privilege.

On-premise Product-access Types

Product-access types are tied to software licenses you have purchased for your system. For details, refer to the SBM Licensing Guide available at or contact your Serena sales representative.

The following product-access types are available:

On-demand Product-access Types

  • None

    No product access granted. This access type can be used to set up general information for an account before assigning an access type. None can also be used to remove product access.

  • Regular User

    Grants the potential for full access to your system. Each user's privilege set can then be customized as needed.

  • Occasional User

    Allows users to be assigned to the Submitters group and other groups with Occasional User access. These users can submit primary items, own primary items they submitted, update and transition primary items that they own or submitted, run guest-level reports, and update their user profile. Occasional users can also be granted privileges to view all field sections for primary items they submitted.

  • Managed Administrator

    This access type grants users Managed Administrator access. This enables you to limit the administrative capabilities of these users. For details, refer to Managing Administrators.

For a list of privileges associated with available groups, refer to Groups for On-Demand Customers.