1. RFC Creation

There are multiple methods for creating Requests for change (RFCs):

Regardless of the creation method, the Submit form contains multiple fields and tabs to enter appropriate information, such as:
To create an RFC directly:
  1. Click the +New icon located on the Work Center toolbar.
  2. Click the Browse tab.
  3. Search for or navigate to the change management project to submit into.
    Note: You will be allowed to submit into a project only if you have the appropriate permissions.
  4. Complete the Submit form with the necessary information.
    Note: You can modify the workflow to select which fields are mandatory at each step of the process. For example, the default workflow requires that the submitter select a value for the Change Type and Priority fields. Your process may require the change manager to set these values when assessing the RFC. You can modify the workflow accordingly.
  5. Click Submit to create the new RFC.

When the RFC is created, it is assigned a unique item ID and moves to the Classification Queue state where change management team members are selected and then to the Classification state where the change manager determines how the change will be addressed.