5. Request Monitoring and Communication

Request Center has two main methods to monitor and communicate the status of requests: notifications and reporting.

The first method is through e-mail notifications, which inform users about the status of requests. Automated e-mail notifications can be configured to notify users of request creation, request transfers, and request resolutions.

For example, you can create a notification that automatically informs request submitters that they need to update their request with more information. The submitters can either log in to Request Center using the link in the notification or reply to the e-mail to update their request.

The notifications are tailored using notification rules and notification templates. Administrators are responsible for editing the notifications and creating the workflow rules. (On-premise only)

Users can subscribe to the selected notifications under their User Profile in Serena Work Center.

The second method to monitor communication is through reports. Request Center snapshots come pre-configured with common useful reports for IT administrators and users.

The following are some example reports:

In addition to these pre-configured reports, you can create tailored reports in SBM to track your requests.

You can also combine reports to create a dashboard or multi-view report.