Creating Deployable Release Trains

Deployable release trains drive deployment and also provide oversight for releases, including setting the schedule and milestones for the release and enabling release approvals. If you want to use release trains for oversight only, you should use planning release trains. See Creating Planning Release Trains.


To create a deployable release train:

  1. In Work Center, click +New.
  2. Search for the project that will store your release train, and then select the project to open a Submit form. (By default, the Deployable Release Trains project is used to store deployable release trains.)
  3. Fill out the required fields.
    Tip: Include the version of the release train in the Title or Description so that you can later report on release trains and compare versions through standard SBM reports.
  4. Fill out optional fields as needed.
    • Use release train task templates to save time and enable reuse of deployment tasks. In the Overview section, in the Use Task Template field, select a task template from which to copy deployment tasks.
    • Under Options:
      • Select custom column items for add and display of deployment units and requests. See Custom Columns .
      • Select whether to require that failure tasks be run if the deployment fails in an environment. See Adding Failure Tasks.
      • Select plugin configuration fields for which the values can be overridden for this release train. See "Overriding Configuration Settings" in the plugins documentation.
      • Select task action rules to restrict the set of rules that apply for this release train. If none are selected, all defined task action rules apply. See "Task Action Rules" in the plugins documentation.
  5. Click Submit.

    This places the release train in the Planning state.

  6. Configure and manage the release train using the tabs that appear in the form.

Required Fields

The required fields when you create a deployable release train are as follows:


The tabs available from a deployable release train once it is created are as follows:

Updating Deployable Release Trains

Once created, you can update release trains as follows:

  1. In the Release Control application group left navigation, expand the Release Trains section and select one of the activities sections to display the desired list of release trains.
  2. Select a release train and click the Update button to edit it.

Options available depend on the process app workflow. For details on the default workflow, see About the Release Train Process App.

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