Approving Releases

Release trains that require approval must be sent for approval and approved before they can be released.

Note: Release Approval must be done by individual users, not groups.
  1. When you are ready to deploy a release train, you perform the QA Complete transition. If the train requires a release approval, it will be moved to the Release Approval state. Release approval will be automatically generated based on predefined rules.
  2. After the approval is generated, an approver for each level of approval must approve or otherwise action the item.

    To approve Release Approval items, or otherwise take action on them, you can do one of the following:

    • From a release train, from the Details/Approvals tab, click Approve, Override, Reject, Update, or Delete in the Actions list.
    • From the approval item you want to action, click Approve, Reject, or Update. Click More to select from other options.
  3. If there is no applicable approval rule at the QA Complete transition or you need to change approval details, you can generate a new approval item.

    To generate a new approval item:

    • Create or modify a release approval rule. For details, see Creating Approval Rules.
    • Define periods of time when approvals are automatically rejected or approved. For details, see Defining Approval Blackout and Whiteout Windows.
    • In a release train that is in the Release Approval state, click Recreate Approval. The pending approval item will be rejected and a new item will be generated based on latest rules.

Once approval is complete:

Overriding Approvals

When you choose to override an approval, the following options are available:

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