Creating Planning Release Trains

Planning release trains are used for oversight only, including setting the schedule and milestones for the release and enabling release approvals. If you want to drive deployment using release trains, you should use deployable release trains. See Creating Deployable Release Trains.

You should create a release train when you are ready to request approval for or begin scoping and scheduling the deployment of one or more release packages. You can create a release train before or after you create the release packages that will be associated with it.

To create a release train:

  1. In Work Center, click +New.
  2. Search for the project that will store your release train, and then select the project to open a Submit form. (By default, the Release Trains project is used to store release trains.)
  3. Fill out the required fields and any desired optional fields.
    • Enter the version of the release train in the Title or Description so that you can later report on and compare release train versions through standard SBM reports.
  4. Configure and manage the release train using the tabs that appear in the form.

Required Fields

The required fields when you create a release train are as follows:

Optional Fields

Optional fields include:


The tabs available from a release train once it is created are as follows:

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