About the Release Train Process App

The Release Train process app includes two applications: Deployable Release Train and Planning Release Train. Each has a single workflow.


The primary participants in Release Trains are as follows:


Release trains follow a process organized into these stages, based on the swimlanes in the Release Train workflow:

Note: The PDCD (plan-do-check-deploy) swimlanes in the Release Train workflows are a variation on PDCA ( plan-do-check-act). PDCA is an iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products.

Following are the stages of the release and the specific actions that can be done in those stages.


The Plan stage is the primary planning stage for a release train.


Release trains are sent to development during the Do stage.


In the Check stage, the functionality delivered by the release packages associated with the release train is verified.


In the Deploy stage, the release train is approved and deployment is initiated.

For planning release trains:

For deployable release trains:

Train-Driven Deployment

(Deployable release trains only) In the Train-Driven Deployment stage, the train is deployed to final or production environments.


(Deployable release trains only) In the Failure stage, any failure tasks are run in the deployment path environments associated with the train.

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