Creating a Revised a Baseline


Use this operation to create a new baseline by revising an existing baseline. The revised baseline includes or excludes the changes made to items in response to a set of requests or requirements.

CAUTION!  Do not create more than one baseline at a time. If you create multiple baselines simultaneously you may corrupt the baselines and they will not contain the correct data.

PRIVILEGES  Create Baseline


To create a revised baseline:

  1. Select the baseline you want to revise.

  2. Select Baseline | New | New Revised Baseline.

  3. In the Revise Baseline dialog box, verify that the values are correct.

  4. For New Baseline ID, type a name for the revised baseline. This name must be unique within the product.

  5. If you want to use Requirements to revise the baseline, select Requirements, otherwise leave the selection as Requests.

  6. For Update baseline using, list the requests or requirements related to item revisions you want to add to the baseline. The item revisions must have an In Response To relationship to the requests.

  7. To list the requests, do one of the following:

  8. In the Remove from baseline field, list the requests or requirements related to item revisions that you want to remove from the baseline. The item revisions must have an Affected relationship to the requests.

  9. List the documents as described in the previous step.

    NOTE  You must have at least one request/requirement in either the Update Baseline using field or the Remove From Baseline field.

  10. Select the Traverse Request Relationships check box to search for item revisions included in requests related to the listed requests.

  11. Click the Attributes tab, and specify user-defined attributes that have been set up in the process model for the baseline type.

  12. Click the OK button.

  13. Check your Dimensions CM server email for any errors. The following errors are possible:

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