Creating a Baseline Scoped by Design Part


Use this operation to mark a milestone and create a snapshot of a project/stream based on a design part structure.

CAUTION!  Do not create more than one baseline at a time. If you create multiple baselines simultaneously you may corrupt the baselines and they will not contain the correct data.

PRIVILEGES  Create Baseline

 To create a new baseline:

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. In the New Baseline dialog box, on the General tab, verify that the values are correct.

  3. For Create baseline from design part, type a part specification for the parent design part to scope of the baseline, or click the browse button and use the Find dialog box. If you are creating the baseline from a design part, this field is pre-populated.

  4. From the Product list, select a product with which the baseline will be associated. If you are creating the baseline from a design part, this field is pre-populated.

  5. For Baseline ID, type a name or label for the baseline. This name must be unique within the product.

  6. From the Type list, select a baseline type. The values in this list are set up in the process model.

  7. If you are creating a design baseline, skip to step 8.

  8. If you are creating a release or archive baseline, from the Template list, select a template.

  9. For Part Levels, do one of the following:

  10. If you want to select items based on related requests or requirements, click the Relationships tab and do the following:

  11. IMPORTANT!  Note that all items that are related to a request as In Response To will be included—even if they are not in the project/stream specified in the Projects list.

    NOTE  The requirements or requests specified here only affect the content of the baseline if you have selected a request baseline template. If you have selected an item baseline template, the requirements or requests will merely be related as In Response to the baseline, and will have no effect on the items to be included in the baseline.

  12. Click the Attributes tab, and complete any required fields.

  13. Click the Create button.

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