Role Assignments Tab

The Role Assignments tab enables you to define new role assignments as well as delete existing role assignments.

Role Assignments Tab: Menu Area

See the table below for a description of the toolbar buttons that appear on the Role Assignments tab.




Switch to the User view to define role assignments by user.


Switch to the Roles view to define role assignments by role.


Switch to the Design Part view to define role assignments by design part.


Add a role assignment without selecting any objects by using the New Role Assignment dialog box.

Role Assignments Tab: Navigation Pane

The navigation pane on the Role Assignments tab lists the users or roles in the base database, or the design parts in the current product. In the navigation pane, you can:

Role Assignments Tab: Content Pane

The information displayed in the content pane depends on what you have selected in the navigation pane.

If you select...

Then the content pane displays:

One or more users, design parts, or roles;
or these top-level icons:




  • Role Assignments for: Section that displays a detailed summary of assignments for the selected object(s).

  • add_button00040.gif: Click to add a new assignment for the selected object(s) using the New Role Assignment dialog box.

  • Delete_button00041.gif: Click to delete the selected assignment(s).

  • filterlink00042.gif: Click to filter the list of assignments using the Assignment Filter dialog box.

  • html_list_button00043.gif: Click to print the summary of assignments.

  • csv_list_button00044.gif: Click to save the summary of assignments as comma-separated values.

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