Assigning Roles


Follow this procedure when you want to assign a role to a user or group for a particular product or design part. You can make an assignment based on the selected role, user/group, or design part. Alternatively, you can make an assignment without selecting any objects first.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Role Definitions

NOTE  When you assign or unassign a role for a group, this is merely equivalent to assigning/unassigning that role to each individual user that currently belongs to the group at that time. The role assignments of users subsequently added to or removed from the group will not be automatically updated.

NOTE  When certain privilege or role assignments are updated in the Administration Console, the changes may not take effect during existing client sessions because of privilege caching. In this case, the user will need to restart the client session for the new privilege settings to apply. This behavior depends on variables that can be set in the dm.cfg file. For further details, see the System Administration Guide.

NOTE  If you specify a project/stream when assigning a role, this will apply to requests and baselines, and not just items as was the case in earlier releases of Dimensions. It is therefore recommended that roles assigned for managing requests or baselines should not normally be restricted to specific project/streams.

To assign a role to a user or group:

  1. From the Role Assignments main window, select the view from which you want to make the assignment by clicking:

  2. If you selected the Design Part view, select the product in which you want to make the role assignment from the list in the navigation pane.

  3. Do one of the following:

  4. The New Role Assignment dialog box appears.

  5. Select a user or group from the User/group field, unless you already selected one or more users or groups in step 2.

  6. Select a role from the Project Role field, unless you already selected one or more roles in step 2.

  7. Select a design part from the Design Part field, unless you already selected one or more design parts in step 2.

  8. If you want to require individual users to be delegated the role for specific items or requests, select Delegation Candidate for the Assignment Type. This means that the object cannot be actioned to the from state for a transition if a user has not been delegated the required role for that transition.

  9. Select a level of capability from the Role Capability field.

  10. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  11. Select the Keep open check box if you want the dialog box to remain open after adding the role assignment.

  12. Click Yes to add the role assignment.

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