Promote Proxy Dialog Box

The Promote Proxy dialog box allows you promote the selected proxy (auto registered) user to a normal Dimensions user.



Promote proxy user [login ID] to normal user?

Confirm that you want to make the selected proxy user a normal user.

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Follow this procedure when you want to:

NOTE  Only the role assignments for the current product are copied to the new user. Role assignments for other products are not copied.

NOTE  To reactivate a dormant user, add the user using the same ID and details in the New User dialog box.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Users and Group Definitions

To edit, copy, or delete a user:

  1. From the User Registration main window, select the user that you want to edit, copy, or delete. You can select multiple users in the content pane if you want to edit or delete a group of users.

  2. Do one of the following:

    If you want to...


    Edit a user

    1. Click the Edit button: editbutton00008.gif.

    2. In the Edit User dialog box, change the values as necessary.

    3. If you selected multiple users, you can enter a value in any <Leave Unchanged> field to apply it across users.

    Copy a user

    1. Click the Copy button: copyuserbutton00009.gif.

    2. In the Copy User dialog box, complete the ID field.

    3. Change any of the values that have been copied from the selected user as necessary.

    Delete a user

    1. Click the Delete button: deleteuserbutton00010.gif.

    2. Confirm that you want to delete the user(s) by clicking Yes.

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