Adding Users


Follow this procedure when you want to add a new user account to the Dimensions base database. This procedure applies to the creation of normal users only.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Users and Group Definitions

NOTE  You cannot create a user ID with the same name as a group ID.

To add a normal user:

  1. From the User Registration main window, click the New button: newuserbutton00006.gif. The New User dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the login ID for the new user in the ID field.

  3. Enter the email address to be used for notification e-mails sent by Dimensions CM to the user. in the E-mail field.

  4. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  5. Click the Attributes tab to enter values for custom attributes for this user.

  6. If you want the dialog box to remain open after adding the new user, select the Keep open check box.

  7. Click OK to add the new user.

To set a user password:

NOTE  You can only change the password for a Windows node.

  1. In the status area, click the Passwords link: passwords_link.gif 

  2. For Username, type the Windows user name for the user on the Dimensions CM server.

  3. For Password, type your password.

  4. Enter the new password in the New password field.

  5. Re-enter the new password in the Confirm password field.

To reactivate a dormant user

Follow the instructions for To add a normal user above and enter the user ID of the dormant user in the ID field.

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