Edit/Copy User Dialog Box

The Edit/Copy User dialog box allows you to change or copy the details from the selected user account.

NOTE  When you copy a user, only the role assignments for the current product are copied to the new user. Role assignments for other products are not copied.

NOTE  If you selected multiple users to edit, the values appear as <Leave Unchanged>. You can leave these fields as-is, or specify values to apply across users.

Use the General tab to enter the main details for the user.

Use the Attributes tab to enter any user defined attributes that may be required.



Rules and Guidelines


The login ID of the user authorized to use the account.

  • Required.

  • Up to 25 characters.

Base Database

The current base database for which the new account is to be created.

Display only.

Full name

The full name of the new Dimensions user.

  • Optional.

  • Up to 50 characters.


The new user's telephone number.

  • Optional.

  • Up to 25 characters.

Group Id

The user's group identity. For example: Testing

Note This is not the same kind of group as in the Groups to Assign below, which is used to determine privileges.

  • Optional.

  • Up to 25 characters.


The site of the new user, for example "Head Office", or "New York".

  • Optional.

  • Up to 25 characters.


The new user's department. For example: R&D

  • Optional.

  • Up to 10 characters.


The new user's email address.

This is used by Dimensions for sending e-mails to the user.


Authorize automatic remote login

Enables automatic remote login from Windows by encoding the O/S password in the Microsoft registry.

  • Optional.

  • Windows only.

Groups to Assign

Allows you to specify any groups to which the user is to belong.

Enter the group ID(s) as a comma-separated list, or click the browse button: browsebutton00011.gif to Select them.

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