Defining Design Parts


Follow this procedure to define a new design part beneath the selected design part (the parent).

When you create a new design part, a breakdown relationship forms between it and the parent design part. The new design part automatically inherits the role assignments from its parent, unless you make explicit role assignments on that design part. See Assigning Roles for instructions on how to assign roles to a design part.

PRIVILEGES  Create design part

To define a new design part:

  1. From the Design Part Structure main window, select an existing design part to be the parent of the new design part.

  2. Click the New button: newpartbutton00001.gif and select Part. The New Design Part dialog box appears.

  3. Enter a name for the design part in the Design Part ID field.

  4. NOTE  You cannot enter a part ID that contains a colon character “:”.

  5. Select a design part type from the Design Part Category list.

  6. Change the Variant or PCS default values if necessary.

  7. Enter a description of the new design part in the Description field.

  8. Click the Attributes tab to specify values for any user-defined attributes for the design part.

  9. Click OK to create the new design part.

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