New/Edit Data Format Dialog Box

The General tab of the New Data Format/Edit Data Format dialog box allows you to create or edit the details of a data format in the base database. The Edit Data Format dialog box also has a Used By tab, described in Relationships Tab of the Edit Data Format Dialog Box.



Rules and Guidelines

Data Format

The name that identifies the data format.

  • Up to 25 characters.

  • Must be unique within the Dimensions database.


The class of item type.

  • Default: ASCII.

  • Choose a class from the list.

Compression Level

Specifies the compression level to be used when getting item revisions assigned this

data format. The compression level is a value passed to the OpenSource zLib compression library to govern how it performs the compression.)

Choose one of the following:

  • No Compression (compression level 0).

  • Fast Compression (compression level 1)—performs the compression quickly and using less memory but is the least compressed.

  • Normal Compression (compression level 6)—a normal degree of compression. This is a happy medium between Fast and Best.

  • Best Compression (compression level 9)—the highest (but slowest) degree of compression.


The MIME Type.


A description for the data format.

  • Up to 240 characters.

  • Optional.

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