About MIME Types

What are MIME Types?

A MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) type is an internationally defined data format. These types (and subtypes) are allocated by the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) and a fuller description is given below. These values are used by the Dimensions web client to determine how to display a request or item's content within the user's Internet browser. If you do not intend to use Dimensions web client, you may leave this field blank, in which case a default MIME type will be used, but in anticipation of future developments, it is recommended that you make a relevant choice.

MIME types comprise several broad categories, with each category also having subtypes (see About the MIME Subtypes for full details) defined by using a separator. Common examples of MIME types are "text/plain", "text/html", "application/msword" and "application/pdf".

The broad categories are:


Used to describe text of various types


Indicates that the file contains multiple sections with potentially more than one MIME type


Used for various types of messages.


A catchall description allowing for miscellaneous types of files


Used for graphic files


Used for audio files


Used for video files 


Multi-media modeling

To find out current IANA media types, visit the web site                                                               


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