Creating Areas


Follow this procedure to create a new area.

Create Work Areas for work areas
Create Deployment Areas for deployment areas
Create Library Cache Areas for library cache areas

To create a new area:

  1. From the Areas tab, click the New button: new_area_button00012.gif on the toolbar, and select an option for the type of area you want to create from the list; Work Area, Deployment Area, or Library Cache Area. The New Area dialog box appears.

  2. Enter a name for the area in the ID field. Optionally enter a Description.

  3. Select a Network node from the list and enter a Directory to be used for the area on that node or use the browse button to select it.

  4. NOTE  This is a logical network node that needs to have been defined in the Administration Console Network Administration. See the System Administration Guide for details.

    NOTE  You cannot assign the same location (the same network node and directory) to more than one area. An error will occur if this location has already been assigned.

  5. Enter the Node user ID and Node password to use for the operating system on the network node. You can also enter a credential set, in which case the Node password is not required. For details on credential sets, see the System Administration Guide.

  6. NOTE  This user ID and password need to have been registered using the dmpasswd utility. See the System Administration Guide for details.

  7. If you have selected Deployment Area, select a Stage ID to be associated with this area from the list.

  8. If you have selected Deployment Area, optionally enter the name of an Area Filter used to control the types of item files that are copied to the area.

  9. CAUTION!  Audit and area filters can easily be confused. See Correct Use of Area and Audit Filters.

  10. Enter the Dimensions CM user ID for the Area owner, or accept your current user as the default. The area owner is the user that is able to edit the area details using the Edit Area dialog box.

  11. If you have selected Deployment Area, optionally enter the name(s) of any files containing Transfer Scripts you want to be performed in relation to the transfer of files to the area, Pre-event, Post-event, or Fail-event.

  12. For details of configuring and using these scripts, see "Deployment Area Scripts" in the Developer's Reference.

  13. If you have selected Deployment Area or Library Cache Area, and you want to exclude the area from all transfer operations at the present time, select Is this area currently offline?

  14. If you have selected Work Area, include the users/groups you want to have the ability to assign the area:

  15. Click OK to create the new area.

NOTE  When assigning the area to a project/stream in the GUI clients, you must specify the name of the area and not the path.

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