New/Edit Library Cache Area Dialog Box

The New Work Area dialog box allows you to create a library cache area, and assign users or groups to that area.



Rules and Guidelines


The name of the area.

  • Required.

  • Up to 25 characters.


A description for the Area.


Network Node

Select the name of the network node for the machine on which the area is to be.



The drive and directory name for the area.


Node User ID

The O/S username that will be used to access the area on the node.


Node Password

The password that will be used to access the area on the node


Area Owner

The Dimensions user that will be able to edit the area details (contained in this dialog box).

  • Required.

  • Default is the current user.

Is this area currently offline?

Check this box if you want to currently exclude the area from any file transfer operations.


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