Defining Replication Configurations for Projects


Follow this procedure to create a new project replication configuration for the current DB site. The replication configuration enables you to specify the project and branches to be replicated.

After defining the configuration, you can define the subordinate sites that are to receive the replicated project. When you run Serena Dimensions Replicator, it replicates the items that match the configuration to the subordinate sites.

To define a replication configuration for a project:

  1. From the Replication Administration main window, click the Configurations tab.

  2. From the filter in the navigation area, select Project Master.

  3. Click the New button: new_rep_button00006.gif . The New Replication Configuration dialog box appears with the General tab selected.

  4. Enter a name for the configuration in the Configuration ID field, up to 25 characters.

  5. Optionally, enter comments describing the configuration in the Description field, up 240 characters.

  6. Select the project that you want to replicate from the Master project list. If you have a long list, you can enter search text in the Filter text field—the list will automatically be filtered to reflect what you type.

  7. Leave Is replication enabled to the subordinates checked.

  8. Optionally click the Branches tab and select all of the named version branches that you want to replicate.

  9. Two special options include:

    NOTE  These options are not supported for local replication. You must explicitly select the branches to be replicated to local subordinate sites.

  10. Click OK to create the configuration.

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