Configure Requirement Approval Management

Configure ALM Projects | Configure Endpoints

You must configure and deploy the Requirement Approval Management process app with SBM Composer.

For more depth and context related to the following SBM procedures, see the Serena Business Manager SBM Composer Guide.

The specifics of this procedure vary depending on whether you are implementing Requirements Manager alone or along with Development Manager. Be sure to follow only the steps appropriate to your scenario, as noted below.

Configuring and deploying Requirement Approval Management:

  1. Log in to SBM Composer and open the Requirement Approval Management process app in the repository.

    If prompted, choose to Overwrite the version in local cache with the version from the repository.

  2. Set the value of serviceUser and serviceUserPassword:

    1. In the All Items tree, select Event without Reply under Requirement Approval Management | Orchestration Links.

    2. In the Event without Reply tab, find the section: Additional data to send with event.

    3. Set the values of serviceUser and serviceUserPassword to match those of the user you created for Create a Service User.

  3. Specify the Dimensions RM server information for the getRMDocuments and getRMSnapshots services:

    1. Select RA Submit Transition Form's under Requirement Approval Management | Forms.

    2. Select the REST grid widget getRMDocuments.

    3. Select Query in the Property Editor.

    4. Change the value of the following to match those used on your Dimensions RM server:

      • dbName

      • project

      • username

      • password

      • server

      • port

      Ensure that designMode = false.

    5. Repeat the above steps, starting with Step-b, for the getRMSnapshots service.

  4. Hide the Development Manager data:

    Skip this sub-procedure if you are implementing both Requirements Manager and Development Manager.

    1. Select Approval Process from under Requirement Approval Management | Application Workflows.

    2. Select General.

    3. Disable the Distribute transition.

  5. Deploy Requirement Approval Management.