Configure Endpoints

Configure Requirement Approval Management | Assign Roles

You must configure the service endpoints and deploy the changes with SBM Application Repository.

For more depth and context related to the following SBM procedures, see the Serena Business Manager SBM Application Repository Guide.

Configuring and deploying endpoints:

  1. Log in to Serena Application Repository and select the appropriate environment.

  2. Select the Endpoints tab.

  3. Select rtmService and click Edit. The Edit Endpoint dialog appears.

  4. Edit the server and port information in the URL field to specify your Dimensions RM server.

  5. Test the connection then click OK to close the dialog.

  6. If needed, edit the end points for:

    These REST services should be installed to the same server as SBM, so the default value of localhost8080 should work, unless you configured SBM to use a different port.

  7. Deploy RM to RQM Connector.

    Ensure that you are deploying the original endpoint and not a duplicate. Duplicates will have an underscore and number appended to the end (rtmService_2).

    If you edited the endpoints of the getRM REST services, you must also deploy ALM Projects and Requirement Approval Management.

    1. Select the rtmService Source Endpoint from the Current Mappings table of the Mappings page.

    2. Click Choose Destination Endpoint. The Destination Endpoints dialog appears.

    3. Select rtmService.

    4. Click Done on the Mappings page.

  8. On the Summary page, examine the list of endpoints for duplicates and delete any duplicates you find. A duplicate will have an underscore and number appended to its name. For example: