Create a Service User

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You must create a user in SBM for use behind the scenes by the Requirements Manager suite.

For more depth and context related to the following SBM procedures, see the Serena Business Manager SBM Application Administrator Guide.

The specifics of this procedure vary depending on whether you are implementing Requirements Manager alone or along with Development Manager. Be sure to follow only the steps appropriate to your scenario, as noted below.

To create the service user:

  1. Log in to the SBM Administrator Portal and open the Users view.

  2. Add a new user with the following properties:

  3. Assign the new user the Administrator roles for:

    1. Select the Roles tab.

    2. Select the desired project in the Projects area.

    3. In the bottom pane, select the desired role and the checkbox under the user.

  4. On the Membership page, add the user to the Everyone group.

  5. Save your changes.