Assign Roles

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You must assign at least one user or group to each role in each application with the SBM Administrator Portal.

To facilitate initial testing and troubleshooting, you may want to temporarily assign all roles to a single administrative user.

For more depth and context related to the following SBM procedures, see the Serena Business Manager SBM Application Administrator Guide.

The specifics of this procedure vary depending on whether you are implementing Requirements Manager alone or along with Development Manager. Be sure to follow only the steps appropriate to your scenario, as noted below.

The Roles by Project

The following tables list the default roles for each project.

The roles listed here are the defaults. However, your implementation may be customized to use others. In either case, you must assign at least one user or group to each role that is defined in your workflow.

You must assign the following roles for ALM Projects:

Roles for ALM Projects
Role Description
Build Engineer  
Build Manager  
Business Analyst  
Development Engineer  
Development Manager  
Product Owner  
Project Manager

Users fulfulling the role of Project Manager in ALM Projects must also have at least the Viewers role in Requirements Approval Management.

Release Engineer  
Release Manager  
QA Engineer  
QA Manager  

If you have installed the Development Manager sample data, you may wish to assign roles via the predefined user groups that are based on the ALM Project roles.

You must assign the following roles for Requirement Approval Management:

Roles for Requirement Approval Management
Role Description
Approvers Can be assigned Approval Ballots with which they can comment or vote whether to accept or reject the associated Requirements Approval.
Business Analysts Can create Requirements Approvals, assign Approval Ballots, and comment on and Approve or Disapprove Requirements Approvals.
Dev Managers  
QA Managers  
Viewers Can view Requirements Approvals, Approval Ballots, and Distribution tickets, but cannot participate in the comment and approval process.

The Role Assignment Procedure

Complete the following procedure for the projects that are relevant to your usage scenario.

Roles can be assigned to users or groups. They can be assigned from the Users, Groups, or Project details view. See the Serena Business Manager SBM Application Administrator Guide.

To create users and assign roles:

  1. Log in to the SBM Administrator Portal and click Users.

  2. Create new users as needed.

  3. Assign users for each role in each project (see tables above):

    1. Select the Roles tab.

    2. Select the desired project in the Projects area.

      For Requirement Approval Management, select the top-level project (RQM), rather than the individual sub-projects under it.

    3. In the bottom pane, select the desired role and the checkbox under the user.

  4. Disable the User role for the Everyone group in the following projects:

    Skip this step if you are implementing both Requirements Manager and Development Manager.

  5. Save your changes.