Configure Dimensions RM

Edit RM Server Connections | Development Manager Configuration

You must configure a Dimensions RM project for use with Serena Requirements Manager using RM Manage.

For more depth and context related to the following Dimensions RM procedures, see the Serena Dimensions RM Administrator's Guide.

Configure the Service User

You must create a Dimensions RM user with the same user name and password as the service user you created in SBM (see Create a Service User).

To configure the service user:

  1. Launch RM Manager and select the desired database.

  2. Select View | Users.

  3. Click the top of the Users tree.

  4. Select File | New User.

  5. Enter the same user name you specified in SBM as the Requirements Manager service user and press Enter.

  6. On the Group Membership tab, assign the user to the Administrators group.

  7. On the Password tab, enter the same password you specified in SBM for the Requirements Manager service user.

  8. Deselect the User Must Change Password at Next Logon checkbox.

  9. Select the Password Never Expires checkbox.

  10. Click Accept Changes.

  11. Select View | Projects and select the desired project.

  12. Select the Group Assignment tab.

  13. Add the user to the project.

Configure Common Users

Create users in Dimensions RM that match the user names and passwords for the users you assigned the Business Analyst and Dev Manager roles in SBM, as well as any other users that should be able to view the contents of a Dimensions RM document snapshot from within Requirements Manager.

This is not necessary if you have a shared LDAP implementation for SBM and Dimensions RM.

Configure Document Title Field Length

You must set the maximum length of the document title field to be compatible with the value used in Requirements Manager.

To configure the title length:

  1. Log in to RM Manage as the service user you created above and select the desired project.

  2. Select File | Define Project Schema.

  3. Double-click on the Chapter object.

  4. On the Attributes tab, double-click on the Title attribute.

  5. On the Alphanumeric tab, set the Maximum Length field to 80.

  6. Optionally, increase the value of Display Length.

  7. Click OK on the dialogs.

  8. Exit Class Definition and save changes.