ALM Project Workflow

The ALM Projects process app provides a high level view of the overall project workflow and status. The out-of-box workflow is as follows:

The states include the following:

  1. Inception: During this state, the Project Manager creates the project.

  2. Elaboration: During this state, the Business Analyst defines change requests for the project based on the Dimensions RM requirements approved as part of the Requirements Approval workflow.

  3. Construction: At this point, the Development Manager or Lead prioritizes the change requests and creates tasks related to the requests. The tasks are assigned to developers to implement. Developers work on the tasks, storing new versions of files in their configuration management system (such as Dimensions CM). Regular builds are compiled and installed for testing, and requests are assigned to QA to test. Once all of the requests have been implemented, the Development Manager can transition the project to the next state.

  4. Transition: During this state, QA perform robust testing of the completed product or features, recording defects as they find them. QA may use a test management system such as HP Quality Center to track test case execution. QA submits defects to the Change Request process app, and the defects are assigned to developers to fix. QA validates fixes and closes defects as they are resolved. When all critical defects are complete, QA can transition the project into the Complete state.

  5. Complete: During this state, the finished product is prepared for release. The final builds are collected and packaged for deployment, perhaps using Serena Release Manager. When the product is ready to deploy or release, the project can move to the final state.