Serena Release Manager Customization

This section gives an overview of advanced configuration, or customization, in Serena Release Manager.

Serena Release Manager is designed as a flexible, extensible system that you can customize to match the best Release Control, Release Vault, and Release Automation for your organization’s release processes. You can modify key elements of the system to match the way your organization manages releases, such as the user interface, release control processes, and release types and stages.



CAUTION!  Modification of transitions and states in Serena Release Manager must be done by personnel who have a strong understanding of SBM orchestrations and SBM Composer. Some of the transitions and states in Serena Release Manager are used by the underlying Web services and are referenced by JavaScript, and if these are modified without additional system changes, Serena Release Manager will no longer function.

We strongly recommend that you contact Serena Services for assistance in customizing your Serena Release Manager system.

This chapter includes the following topics.

Configuring the User Interface

Customizing Release Control Workflows

Modifying Release Types and Stages

Adding Provider Connections

Configuring Release Manager to Use a Different Port

Customizing the User Interface Custom Shell

Activating Environment Association to Release Packages

Customizing the SSM Integration

Setting Maximum Associations for Release Control Objects