Checklist for Changing the Port Number



  • Install and configure the Serena Common Tomcat Web server and Serena Release Control as usual. If you have already done this, you do not need to do this again!

See Installing Serena Release Control and System Activation and Configuration.

  • Rerun the Serena Release Control installer at the command line with parameters to change the port the Serena Common Tomcat Web server runs on.

See Changing the Port on Which the Common Web Server Runs.

  • Configure the endpoints for the snapshots to point to the non-default port, and then promote the snapshots and deploy the process apps.

See Promoting the Snapshots.

  • Configure all RESTgrid widgets in the process app forms to point to the non-default port and then redeploy the process apps.

See Configuring a Non-Default Web Server Port in the Process Apps.

  • Change the port to which the Web Services WSDLs point and re-import the WSDLs.

See Changing the Web Services to Point to a Different Port.

  • When you are finished, publish and redeploy the process apps. As you deploy, verify that the endpoints of the process application destinations are pointing to the port number you specified during the installation rather than the default port number of 9095. If they are not, update them as needed before deploying.

See Publishing and Deploying the Process Apps.