Publishing and Deploying the Process Apps

After promoting the snapshots twice in SBM Application Repository and completing any form configuration necessary, you must then publish and deploy the process apps from SBM Composer. This is required to publish any changes and upgrade the structure of the RESTGrid widgets.



CAUTION!  The following procedure assumes that you have checked in any changes to the process apps. Please check in if needed before continuing to ensure you don’t overwrite any of your changes.

To publish and deploy the process apps in SBM:

  1. In SBM Composer, do the following:

    1. Select Open from the Composer menu and open a process app from the repository.

    2. Click Publish.

    3. Close the process app; check in to the repository when prompted.

    4. Repeat for each process app.

  2. In the SBM Application Repository, do the following:

    1. Click Process Apps in the navigation pane and then select a process app.

    2. Click Deploy.

    3. Map endpoints as needed as you did when you promoted the snapshots.

    4. Repeat for each process app.

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