Promoting the Snapshots

You must promote the Serena Release Manager snapshots and define the destination endpoints for each. When promoting the snapshots, make sure to create and select the endpoints as needed, and make sure the endpoints are authenticated with Security Token.

Promote the snapshots in any order.

  1. Release Train

  2. Application Release

  3. Release Package

  4. RLM_AUX

  5. Deployment

  6. Environment

  7. ReleaseTemplate


To promote a snapshot:

  1. In the SBM Application Repository navigation pane, click Solutions and then select the Solutions tab.

  2. Select the solution and click Open Snapshots.

    The list of snapshots appears.

  3. Select a snapshot that you have not yet promoted and click Promote.

    The Summary page appears.

  4. Click the Destination field.

    The Destination page appears.

  5. Select the environment that you created for Serena Release Manager.

  6. Click Next.

    The Entities page appears.

  7. Click Next.

    The Mapping page appears.

  8. Select any Source that does not have a Destination Endpoint and click the Choose Destination Endpoint button.

  9. Select the endpoint from the list, or if the Destination Endpoint has not yet been defined for the selected Source, click Create a new endpoint.

    To create and select an endpoint:

    1. Name the endpoint.



      TIP  Name the new endpoint the same as the Source Endpoint for which it is being created for ease of identification when selecting it as the Destination Endpoint later.

    2. In the URL field, enter the following:

      http://localhost:<tomcat port>/rlm/services/<service name>

      where <tomcat port> is the port under which you are running the Serena Common Tomcat Web server.

      This specifies the path to the Web services, which are deployed under the rlm/services directory of the common Tomcat Web server.

      Example endpoints with the default port number are shown in the following table.


      Destination Endpoint





    3. In the Authentication field, select Security Token.

    4. Click Test Connection to test the connection.

    5. Click OK.

    6. Select the Source Endpoint again and click Choose Destination Endpoint. Select the endpoint you just created.

  10. Click Done.

    The Summary page appears.

  11. Click Promote.

    The Promotion Started page appears.

  12. Click View Log or Show Activities to see results.

  13. Repeat the procedure for each snapshot.



    PRIVILEGES  Privileges for deleting or modifying the Serena Release Manager process applications must be set in the SBM Application Repository. If you need to do these activities, click Privileges in the navigation pane and set the privileges according to the SBM documentation.