Item types may be changed from one type to another in two ways: an administrator can change the work item type directly or team members may initiate work item type transitions. The Workflow tab is used to track and manage how team members may transition a work item from one type to another. Using the Workflow tab can help take the guesswork out of deciding when it is appropriate to transition a work item and to which type it should be transitioned. The Workflow tab can also be used to incorporate team member feedback into the transition process by using approval lists.

Open the Workflow tab and select a work item. Transitions are displayed on the Transition tab. Colors are used to indicate progress along the transition path and whether the transition can proceed because it meets all criteria and has been approved. These colors will change as the transition progresses along its path. Once a transition has been started, all unused pathways will be grayed out.

A work item transition history is displayed on the History tab. You can also access audit logs for any item's transition history from the same location.

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