Starting an item type transition

When a transition path meets all of the required conditions, any user with edit-level permissions for the Workflow tab can start a transition. Click the destination item type to which the item will be transitioned, and select Start. This will open the transition Properties dialog box into which approval (and rejection) destinations, an expiration date, and any notes are specified. After a transition has started, notifications are sent to members of the approval list and all other possible transition paths are grayed out. After a transition has started, an item cannot be edited until the transition is finished. Starting a transition that does not require approval also finishes the transaction.

To start an item type transition

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Choose an item.
  3. Select the Workflow tab.
  4. Select the Transition tab.
  5. For a valid workflow transition path, click the rectangle in the Target column for the transition you want to start. Select Start.
  6. In the transition Properties dialog box, select the location in the item tree to which the item will be placed if it is approved and if it is rejected.
  7. Set the expiration date for the workflow transition. Approvals will need to be completed by this date. If the transition is not completed by this date, A Transition Not Completed notification will be sent to the user who started the transition. The Transition expiration setting is only used for tracking purposes, and it does not require follow-up action from members of the transition approval list or from the team member who started the workflow transition.
  8. Click Save Save.