Finishing an item type transition

There are two ways to finish an item type transition: manually after all members of an approval list have approved (or rejected) the transaction or automatically when approvals are not required. Click the destination item type to which the item is being transitioned, and select Finish. The item will be converted into the destination item type. If the transition is approved by all members of the approval list (or when approvals were not required), the item is placed in the destination for approved projects; if the transition has been rejected by any member in the approval list, it is placed in the rejected destination. Only the team member who started the transition process (or an administrator) can finish a transition.

To finish an item type transition

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select an item.
  3. Select the Workflow tab.
  4. In the Target column, click the target rectangle for the transition you want to finish, then select Finish from the menu that appears. Transitions may be cancelled whether or not all required approvers have approved them. You can only finish a transition if you are the user that started the transition, or an administrator.